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Peruvian Gastronomy : Our Top 5 Peruvian Dishes

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Peruvian Gastronomy : Our Top 5 Peruvian Dishes

The Peruvian gastronomy is more and more famous as one of the best and really diverse in the world due to the special geographical features of the country, and due to the differents cultures in Perú. This gastronomy will surprises you by its quality and the diversity of the recipes.


1. Ceviche : Is a very ancient dish from Peru, we can find it 2000 years ago in the Moche civilization. Made of raw fish, cut in little des, there are also onions, green lemon juice and pimento, and comes with sweet potatoe, Choclo (corn), and green salad leaves.

Le Ceviche


2. Cuy : It is Guinea Pig, called ike this in Peru because of its noise. It is a typical dish from the Andes Mountains. And the Guinea Pig has been domesticated 5000 years ago. It is considered as a luxury product. Guinea pig tastes like rabbit, and comes with potatoes and cheese.

le cuy


3. Anticuchos : It’s one of the most popular food in Peru, and is a creole-typical dish. We can find it also in Bolivia, and you can buy it everywhere in the streets and markets. Anticuchos are made of crispy marinated Beef-heart in a skewer.



4. Lomo Saltado : This dish is a mix of Peruvian, Chineese and creole cusine. It is a famillial dish loved by every peruvian. Lomo Saltado is made of beef cooked in a wok with onions, sweet pepper, tomatoes, pimentos, soya sauce, with rice and french fries.

Lomo Saltado


5. Aji de Gallina : coming from Lima, the Aji de Gallina is a creole dishes that knew some Spanish and French influences. It is a chicken breast stew, with a cream-based sauce, cheese, pimentos and peanut.

Aji de Gallina

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