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TRUJILLO, The Eternal Spring City

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TRUJILLO, The Eternal Spring City

The city of Trujillo, located on the nortern coast of Peru, is still unknown by tourists. But it’s going to change in the next few years, due to the cultural wealth and its attractions.

Trujillo is the 3rd mostimportant city of the country. The city owes is fundation to the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. Trujillo is also famous for being the first Peruvian city to declare its Independence from the Spanish in 1820. Its owes its nickname of “The Eternal spring city” to its lively atmosphere.

Thanks to the different civilizations that lived in Trujillo, the city has a real architectural and cultural wealth. The oldest civilization was the Moche, between 100 and 700 before JC. Nowadays, we can visit the pyramids of this ancient civilization, that used to be the religious center. Those places where used during religious sacrifices. At some kilometers from Trujillo, the Sun and Moon pyramids are very well-preserved and are still used by archeologs. We can see surprising frescos and the stories your guide can tell you are surprising. The Moche civilization also left heritage with a lot of beautiful ceramics.

The Mochicas civilization have been replaced then by the Chimus, that build the amazing citadel of ChanChan. This huge city made of clay spreds on 20km². This is the biggest pre-colombian city and is part of the UNESCO World Hertiage list.

In 1470, the Incas conquered the region and took control over the city.

Trujillo has the biggest Plaza Mayor of the country, and accorrding to some people this is also the most beautiful. In addition of its various museums, colonial houses and touristic sites, Trujillo has a seaside at 15min road. Surfer’s Paradise, Huanchaco beaches are listed in the most beautiful beaches of Perú.

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