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Health and safety


Because of the altitude, the long journeys and climate changes, Perú is not a relaxing destination. A good physical condition is necesary to enjoy a 100 % of your travel.

A doctor appointment is recommanded before your departure for every stay in altitude, especially for the older people that have heart or breathe diseases.

Once you’re there, it is highly recommaded to only drink botteled water or previously boiled, to avoid “turista”. Avoid unpeeled raw vegetables and fruits.

Avoid long sun bath, that can easily burn your skin in a short time. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (40) are essentials.

To avoid headhacke, besides “Mate de Coca”, a local pill called “sorojchi pill” is very efficient and can be found in drugstores in Perú.


  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio: DTP.
  • Hepatits A and B.
  • Typhoïd for the long stays.

If travelling in Amazonia :

  • The yellow fever (compulsory)

Caution : You have to be vaccined 10 days before your departure. Check your doctor previously.

Malaria treatment is recommanded, especially for travels in the Iquitos region (North East of Amazonia).


Perú is a relatively safe country, where assaults risks are low. However, stay carefull, and keep you luggages with you. Avoid to wear jewels and valuables.

The actual political situation is stable. The Sendero Luminoso, or Shining Path (Terrorist organization) is no longer in activity, except in some remote areas in the center of the country, but not in the touristic places. trikes, not being frequent as in Bolivia, are not uncommon. They generate road-bloks during 24 or 48 hours, and the consequences for visitor are the loss of a part of your trip and changes in your program.