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… Amazonia, Iquitos …

As you land in Iquitos, the skin contact with the wet atmosphere puts you in the Amazonian vibe. The biggest tropical forest of the world holds half of the county, but only houses 5% of Peruvian people. Protected by the Andes mountains, you will discover an impressive biosphere, that will satisfy all the nature lovers, in search of an everyday-life break.

Biggest city not reachable by the road, Iquitos is connected to the rest of Peru by air or river ways. This isolation plays a part in what makes Iquitos identity, a friendly and lively city, that lives to the rythm of the jungle.

The jungle is the main attraction of Iquitos.

Evasion Perou suggests :

3 – 7 Days stay.

Must see :

  • Motorbike taxis’ drive in Iquitos, and pirogue day trip.
  • Markets, medicinal plants discovery, and exotic fruits taste.
  • Local community visit.
  • 3 days in a lodge in the heart of Amazonia.
  • 3, 4 or 7 day cruise with the ”Selva Viva” ship.
  • Wildlife, pinkn dolphins, boas, monkeys…