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… Amazonia, Puerto Maldonado …

A diamond from the nature, listed at UNESCO Wolrd Heritage as Perú’s capital of biodiversity and famous in the world thanks to its 3 planet’s richest Nature Reserves. The National Nature Reserve of Tambopata-Candamo, The El Manu biosphere reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. On a smaller scale, you can enjoy the Sandoval Lake and the Nature Reserve of Valencia with their infinite richness.

In this mix made of nature, flavours and colors, passionate visitors will get lost, because Madre de dios is the ideal region for sports lovers, cultural treks, food discovering or spiritual experiences. The inhabitants, urban and tribals at the same time, are Young, energetic and warm just like the territory. It’s a perfect place to leave free you enjoyment to explore and go forward, further than any person ever was, because the unique smell of the forest is a call that can´t be missed.


2 Days stay.

The musts see :

  • Night in a lodge, in the middle of Amazonia.
  • Wildlife Discovery.
  • Parrots /Sandoval Lake / Monkeys island / Caïmans safari.
  • Amazonian dishes.