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… Cusco and Macchu Picchu …

Eternal Inca’s Capital city, its original name « QOSCO » means in quechua “the world’s navel”, and once was the center of the Tawantinsuyo Empire, that extended to Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. “Center”, this is a concept that could be used even today because Cusco is one of the most visited site of the world. Its magic, exotism and the good mood of the inhabitants carries us in the heart of a great civilization, the biggest of America.

Cusco is also the door to the Sacred Valley, and to Machu Picchu. This valley has spectacular landscapes and keeps various Inca ruins, and especially Machu Picchu, considered as a World Wonder.

The unique beauty of the landscapes, the dishes and the constant smiles of the inhabitants will satisfy you. A travel in this region will leave you unperishable memories.


4 days stay.

Activities: City tour –Archeologic tour – Gastronomic tour – Museums – Curative bath using ancestral Inca traditions.

The musts see : Machu Picchu, one of the 7 World Wonders.

  • Cusco’s city center (Plaza de armas / Cathedral / San Blas District / the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha).
  • Saqsaywaman ruins, and the panoramic view over Cusco.
  • The Sacred Valley (Pisac’s ruins / Ollantaytambo fortress / Pisac’s artcraft market and Chinchero / Moray / Maras).
  • The Andes train and Aguascalientes.