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… La Paz, highest Capital city of the World …

You might never forget your first impression of La Paz : As you arrive on the heights of La Paz, located at more thant 4000 meters high with as a background the snow-covered mounts at more thant 6.000 m high, you will discover the huge bassin that is a shelter of this 1 and a half million inhabitants metropolis.

Economical, financial and industrial capital of the country, La Paz is at the same time modern and authentic it depends in which level we place the city. Located on 1000m level difference, we discover native pepole on the heights, with the colors, the markets, the authenticity, and he more we go down, the warmer is the temperature (10 degrees C difference between the city lowest and higher point) buildings gets modern, we feel the Spanish origins. Nevertheless, La Paz remains a real Anndin capital with an unique atmosphere. It’s a city that won’t be a matter of indifference to you, and that will remains in your head for long years.


1-2 days stay

Must see:

  • The historical center (San Francisco’s Church, Linares street, Hechiceria’s market, The coca museum).
  • The 3 La Paz: La Paz Alto / el centro / La Paz Bajo.
  • The Moon Valley.
  • Traditional dances and music Show in a peña.
  • Around la Paz : the Tiwanaku civilization, hike to Chacaltaya (5400m high), hot spring, “The most dangerous road of the world”.