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… The South Coast, Paracas, Nasca …

This one-of-a-kind region is famous for the grappe production, also called “the cradle of Pisco”, high quality Eau de vie made from grapes, used in the national cocktail “Pisco Sour” and “Algarrobina”. Inevitable tasting when you are in this region.

This region is also a mysterious place thanks to Nazca Lines, the ochre color of the desert, the Ballestas Islands, that houses seals and other animals and of course amazing ruins from the precolombian civilizations that were very advanced thanks to their passion for arts, medicine and technology that challenged nature that left a mark in the world History.

Destination of great contrasts, where everyone will fnd its pleasure and relax with a glass in front of Ica’s oasis, thinking about all the beautiful landscapes discovered.


3 days stay

Musts see :

  • Tasting of wines and Pisco in the cellars of the Hacienda San José.
  • The Paracas peninsula : the desert nature reserve and the Candelabre.
  • Ballestas islands, nature reserve of seals and birds.
  • Oasis and Huacachina laguna, Sandboard and Buggy in the dunes.
  • Nasca lines, and the Maria Reich museum.