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The Titicaca Lake

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The Titicaca Lake

The Titicaca Lake is one of the most mysterious touristic place of South America. The lake houses an indigenious population that keeps the traditions from the Inca Empire.
This site represents an emblematic place of the Inca civilizatiion and the mysteries keep surprising us.



During an expedition in October of 2002 with Peruvian war divers and oceanographs, ruins of an ancient city have been found.
Geographic location :


Located in an area shared between Peru and Bolivia, this lake has huge dimensions: a surface area of 8,490 km2 and is deep as 280 meters.
In the lake shores, there is the Peruvian city of Puno. Funded in 1666 with a population of 60 000 inhabitants, mostly Aymaran, Puno keeps the Spanish legacy through the art and the architecture. Local people that still lives around the lake, are fishermans or craftmen. The city is also famous for its boats made of reeds.



We count a total of 36 islands on the lake, that houses the biggest Peruvian Islands : Uros, Taquille and Amantani. The Titicaca Lake uses a navigation system that links Peru and Bolivia by boat between Puno and Huaqui, in Bolivia.
The ideal period to go there is between May and October, because it is shinny and the change of temperatures are light. Temperature between May and October is around 25ºC. However, in the night, the temperature is often behind zero, all year long.
The easiest way to go to the Lake is to take a flight to Juliaca (1h drive from Puno), and then visit the lake by boat. The other way to go tu Puno is by coach, 416km from Cusco.


The most famous island is Uros flotting island. This artificial island is made of reeds. Reeds are also used in handcrafts, boats and in fishing acivities.



Located at 4km from Puno, we can go there in 20min from Puno.
Taquille Island has a large variety of people, the inhabitants run the island, welcome tourists in their own houses to keep their ancient uses.



The island houses 350 famillies that preserves Inca uses. We can see Inca’s ruins, experiance the inhabitant’s hospitality, and joy of life that will turn your day trip to an unforgettable moment. You an reach the island in 3 hours of reeds-made boats from Puno and enjoy the amazing landscapes offered by this city during the navigation. Once you’re there, there is nothing better than a walk through the previous Inca’s trail built in rocks to discover the island.
Amatani is a place that still keeps traditions from the Inca empire. It is one of the most beautiful island of the lake thanks to its cultural remains. Amantani has archeological ruins from one of the biggest sacred city from the ancient Empire.


A study realized during those years shown that there are still 300 000 persons that talk Aymará in the Puno, Moquegua and Tacna’s regions.
According to an Inca legend, it is from the deepest point of the Lake that born Manco Capac and Mama Oqllo, founders of the Precolombian Empire.
During an expedition realised by experts on the 14th and 15th of October, ruins from an hidden inca’s city have been found in the lake’s abyss.
At 8 meter deep in the water, divers found perfectly interlocked stone walls that look like the one in Machu Picchu.
The divers also found a rock structure of 20 meters large and 3 meters high, with on top of it a Lama statue, symbol of the Andes mountains.

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