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The inscription at one of our tours, once confirmed by both parts, involves a deposit of 50 % of the total amount.
Thefinal settlement of your travel has to be paid 45 days before your arrival. Your travel will be efficient once the total amount paid.

Method of payment

1. International transfer from Bank to Bank on our account in Perú (in US$). The banks fees are at the client’s charge (Call you bank for any further questions).

2. Safety pay by credit card with our PAYPAL account. This way involves a 6 % bank fees of the total amount of the travel.


If the client has to cancel his tour, the amounts paid will be refund with the following conditions :

In case of Cancellation :

  • More than 45 days before the departure, only the no refundable national flights, the application fees (250 USD per person), and the fees from Evasion Pérou, upon attestation will be charged. The rest of the deposit will be refund.
  • From 45 to 30 days before the departure, 50% of the deposit will be charged.
  • Less than 30 days before the departure, 100 % of the deposit will be charged.


We ask you to subscribe a compulsory insurance assistance-rapatriement. If you paid your flights with your Visa or Mastercard credit card, you have the insurance. Please call your bank for any further information.


Once you’re registred, make sure your Passport is valid during your travel and 6 months after your come back. Clients that travel in Amazonia have to be vaccined against the Yellow Fever.


Documents and formalities : Every entrant is responsible of his documents : Passport, vaccines attestations, migration ticket given by the police border at your arrival. Evasion Perou is not responsible of the delays or of the inability for a client to show his valid documents. The extra fees caused are charged on the client.

Interruption : All traveler that has to shorten the travel because of himself or because of any other reasons can not be paid back of the amount of the travel.

Luggages : The traveller is responsible of his luggages constantly.

Unexpected events :

Evasion Pérou is allowed, if circumstances require, and in the group interest, to modify the itinerary, a mean of transport, a hotel, a date or a schedule, without possibility for the client to be paid back.

Air transport : if the travel is changed because of a disruption, we can not be responsible. The extra fees are in consequence at the charge of the client.

Major force

If external events disrupt the normal run of a tour, (Political and social issues, natural catastrophes..) Evasion Perou is allowed to cancel a travel or to modify the content. In case of cancellation, the amount of the services already paid can not be paid back. In case of an itinerary change, a new quotation will be submited.